Normal Distribution (with Python)

//Normal Distribution (with Python)

Normal Distribution (with Python)

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Normal Distribution

Standard Normal Distribution

Normal Distribution (Gaussian) is a continuous probability distribution. The normal distribution is sometimes referred to as a bell curve.

Standard Normal Distribution is a specific case of normal distribution where μ= 0 and σ = 1 (i.e mean is 0 and standard deviation is 1)

Some of the properties of a standard normal distribution are mentioned below:

  1. The normal curve is symmetric about the mean and bell shaped.
  2. Mean, mode and median is zero which is the centre of the curve.
  3. Approximately 68% of the data will be between -1 and +1 (i.e. within 1 standard deviation from the mean), 95% between -2 and +2 (within 2 SD from the mean) and 99.7% between -3 and 3 (within 3 SD from the mean)

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Normal Distribution (with Python)


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